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So my 2013 Cruze is about 3 months old now, 8000 miles. I have developed at least 2 noises/rattles in the two front doors. They are intermittent, but when they occur, they are annoying as heck.

I believe both of them have to do with the door panel not being 100% flush it the door, there's a bout a gap of about 2 pieces of paper, and when I press it towards the door and release I can hear the sound that I hear (I guess it doesn't really qualify as a rattle, just a noise). It's more apparent on the driver door than the passenger door.

When I'm on the freeway I can usually stop the noise by applying pressure against the door. It's kind of hard to do this to the passenger door

Problem is it's so intermittent, that when I brought it to my local dealership Chase Chevrolet, they said they couldn't find any noise/rattle.

Any tips on how to deal with this issue or how to get the dealership to deal with this issue. They said they had 3 people including their quality control expert ride in the car and heard nothing. I know the issue exists, it's too annoying to not exist, especially in a brand new car that is supposed to be an ambassador to the owners of Corolla and Civic.

I know that if I let friends who own Corolla and Civic ride in my Cruze they'll immediately make a big issue out of the noise.

Should I try another dealership? I have my Cadillac dealership that I deal with for my Pontiac Grand Am and the Cadillac CTS that I used to have. I don't want to keep coming back to the dealership only to have them keep telling me there's nothing wrong.

I'm pretty sure I could get the noise to stop by stuffing a piece of tissue between the door panel, but I shouldn't have to do that on a brand new car.
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