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Tips for storing my baby for winter?

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I'm planning on storing my cruze in the garage this winter because I also have a truck to drive. This will be my first time storing a car for a long period of time and I'm looking for any pointers you guys have. Here's some stuff I have concern about:

-Mice. Should I set traps inside, or is it better not to give them a reason to come in?

-Tires. Would it be a good idea to set it on stands to avoid flat spots?

-To periodically start/drive, or not to?

I will be removing the battery to keep inside, using fuel stabilizer, putting on a fresh coat of wax, and using a car cover.

Any insight/past experiences would be appreciated.

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No need to over think this on modern fuel injected cars stored a few months over the winter. Pump up the tires to 50 psi to prevent flat spots but check pressure regularly if they leak. Keep the battery on a maintainer either in or out of the car, or charge it every 4-6 weeks. That's pretty much it. I've had much older fuel injected cars stored for over 3 years, and one with 8 year old gas, and they all start back up fine. Those gas stabilizers might be needed for older carb cars that are more open to the atmosphere, but modern sealed fuel systems don't have much problems without them.
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