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Tire inflation kit removal/relocation...

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Has anyone removed and/or relocated the tire inflation kit in their Cruze Diesel to install a subwoofer in the driver side rear corner of the car?

It looks to me like they gas model and the Diesel are the same on the sides except for the kit and a prefabricated subwoofer like the Kicker one KICKER | PCRU13MY or something like that should fit fine. The inflation kit could be relocated to the underside of the rear deck or somewhere else in the trunk.

What do you guys think?
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I was more asking if the dimensions for the side wall are the same for the gasser vs the diesel than the quality of the Kicker or any other specific system or enclosure...
I haven't heard that the trunk dimensions are any different. The DEF is in the spare tire well, and other than using up the space for a spare tire doesn't really raise the floor that I am aware of. The only thing is a sort of thick foam pad on top of it. That might add an inch to the floor height. Not sure if the standard Cruze has that.
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