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Tire Pressure Monitors are backward

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I was wondering why, after I kept filling my front left tire, the rear left was increasing on the DIC. Found out the left front and left rear are reading backward. How does this happen? Tire rotation guys? Problem with monitors/sensors? I'll watch here for an answer. And how to fix the problem.:sleep:
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I rotate my own that's why I wondered if I could do myself good to know

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You can do it yourself on 2011-early 12 models. At the tire pressure screen, ignition on but engine not running, you can hold down the set button til you see "learning mode" on the dash display. The horn will chirp, let 5-10 psi out of the front tire until it honks again. Then on to the next tire. Kinda an annoying way to do it, but it is cheaper than having someone reset them (think my dealer charges $20-30 for that)

Mine worked. Once. Haven't got it to work right since then, nor do I really care as long as they're all the same value.

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