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Tire rotation blah blah

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Okay so the oem tires are still on my cruze at 41000 miles and the front ones are getting rather bald. I have noticed quite a bit of spinning recently when I hit the gas so I'd like to change that. Everyone argues that new tires should go on the rear for safety reasons but it seems to me that the only time there is a benefit to having the new tires on the rear is in rainy conditions. I live in the middle of a desert so I am really not concerned about that. The rear tires actually have quite a bit of tread on them as well. Yes yes I should have rotated them but I work 12 hours a day 6 days a week and I really didn't even think to rotate them. I am considering the continental extreme contact dw 225/55R16 because I want the best traction I can get. Does anyone have experience with putting 225s on a cruze or with the continental tires mentioned? I can get 4 of them shipped for $415.00 plus $63.00 for installation etc. Suggestions welcome
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When replacing tires on modern cars, it's generally best to keep the revolutions per mile within 1 or 2 percent of the OEM tires. This keeps the computers and electronics working within the parameters they were designed for. As an example: if the OEM tires were 215/55, you might go to 225/50 with the same wheel diameter. Check the tire description specifications on or to see what they are.

I've had the Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires (195/50-16) on my Mazda Protege5 for the last three seasons with excellent results. Just rotated them last month and they look like they will last another season before the "S" marker is gone. I paid a little over $400 for a set of four installed out the door at Belle Tire, a regional dealer here in OH and MI. I also check tire pressures on both cars monthly to make sure they are properly inflated.
Simple way to check diameter is stand the intended tyre beside the original and make sure that visually at least they are the same diameter.
Tire calc below, May have to right click and view image as forum shrinks it.

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From what I understand the 225s should fit with no problem.

I am second guessing the extreme contact dw because they lack a warranty. However these are less expensive and have a warranty as well as some good reviews.
I had one of the DWS tires on my P5 wrecked by a nail in the sidewall and it was replaced under warranty. First tire claim I've had in many years. All I had to pay was tax on the labor to replace it. May want to check around on where you buy the tires.
Ok I believe I've made up my mind.
After the $30 instant discount and a $70 rebate these tires come down to roughly $380 for 4. These are designed more for comfort than high performance but the savings got me thinking "how much traction do you need with less than 200hp". I think these will be a great replacement for the sh*tty Firestones that came on the car.
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