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Tire size question for plus size wheels

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I've searched and searched, and haven't found what I'm looking for so I hope you guys can help with some facts and experience.

i know it's frowned upon to put 20" wheels on a Cruze, BUT I like the look and that's what I'm doing. It's a 2014 Diesel and I'm upgrading to OEM wheels. 20"x8.5 41mm offset.

Now, I live in Michigan, we get all seasons and our roads suck. I'm looking to put a set of 245/40 20 Bridgestone Potenza tires on them. Would they fit comfortably at stock suspension height? I'd love to run a lower profile tire that's closer to stock size and lower the car, but I won't for now since my wife has to drive it once or twice per week and won't be dodging potholes.

thanks for the help guys!
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You could save some money and still get the same point across by wearing an orange traffic cone for a hat.
Good point, I'll get one of those too, and a fluorescent orange safety vest. Thanks for the tip!
So here's the plan. 20x8.5 Cadillac ELR wheels. Similar styling, Factory finish (for now), and plus sized. Personally, I think they'll look good. My issue is the tire size. If I run a 235//35 20, I'll need to lower for asestetics and I don't want to currently. The ELR's factory tire size is 245/40 20. Its taller than stock, and clearly wider, and that's my concern.


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8.5" wheels have been run on the Cruze with little issue. The ELR tire size is probably not an issue either. The tight clearance is in the rear. You should be running a bit more offset (+20 at 8.5 is perfect)

The best thing you can do is test fit them. Can you do this first?
I think looks wise you are on to something with the Caddy wheel. Personally I plan to go with a set of TSW Rotary Forged wheels on my Cruze Diesel when I upgrade and I will probably go with 18s verses 20s as we have bad roads and a lot of dirt/gravel roads here in my area...
Danny, I test fit them a while back and they fit fine. MY concern is the Tire sizing. I'll just have to buy a tire and check it out.
My 235/40/19s rubbed on the inner edge of the rear fender (right side only -- go figure) mounted on my TSW 19x8 +35 wheels. Had to raise my rear suspension (KSports) about 3/4" to avoid any rub.
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