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Tires on a brand new car

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I'm a big believer in summer and winter tires (Iowa). The tires that will come on my new Cruze will be an all season something. Meaning the worst (and best) of both worlds.
I already own snow tires from my previous car that will fit the Cruze, so no issue there. So what I'd really like to do is trade the OEM tires for some truly summer tires.
1. Am I crazy? Should I just run the OEM tires as my summer tires?
2. How much could I expect to get at a tire place for VERY lightly used OEM tires? I imagine I'll own the car a matter of days before I can get the swap made.
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Depends what tires they are. Most of the ones that come on the different trim levels of the Cruze are pretty crappy if you're driving with enthusiasm.

I HATED the FR710, some of the worst tires I've driven on. You could pitch it into a corner that the chassis could definitely handle but it'd go straight. They would try to hydroplane and kill you in the rain. Useless in snow. The Michelins are relatively grippy in dry/wet weather but I hate the amount of noise they make.
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