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to tune or not to tune

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Hello Cruze owners. I am new to THIS forum. I am taking delivery of a gently used 30k mile Cruze lt with rs package sun roof etc. in victory red.
my question is, (yes I have used the search function) what tune to use and should I use a canned tune.
I like the idea of the trifecta tune's cruise on cruise off functions.
does the "cruise on= tune off" mean everything including shift points remain as the general assigned them?
I should state I drive 55 miles each way to work. the freeway is 1 mile 1 stop sign from my house. the parking lot at work is 1 mile 2 stop signs from the freeway.
My car I am retiring ( to nephew) is a great running best car I ever owned 2004 Saturn ion quad coupe with 240k and still has original rear brakes.
Thanks for you responses in advance


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Yeah I have a 2012 Eco with the 6M and the tune surely wakes the car up. First things first: Check the spark plug gaps to make sure they are all @.030 There were some cars found the gaps were all over the place . Running premium 91/93/94 what ever is avail in your area is recommended. It wakes the 1.4 Turbo up once it gets used to it. Tuning also from BNR is another thing you can do to wake the car up and give it more power. The tune you get from BNR is allows you to turn it on or off depending on whether you Cruise Control is on. As far as the MPG, that will depend on how well you can stay out of the accelerator with the added power. At times I have trouble with that living in a very hilly area.
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