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to tune or not to tune

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Hello Cruze owners. I am new to THIS forum. I am taking delivery of a gently used 30k mile Cruze lt with rs package sun roof etc. in victory red.
my question is, (yes I have used the search function) what tune to use and should I use a canned tune.
I like the idea of the trifecta tune's cruise on cruise off functions.
does the "cruise on= tune off" mean everything including shift points remain as the general assigned them?
I should state I drive 55 miles each way to work. the freeway is 1 mile 1 stop sign from my house. the parking lot at work is 1 mile 2 stop signs from the freeway.
My car I am retiring ( to nephew) is a great running best car I ever owned 2004 Saturn ion quad coupe with 240k and still has original rear brakes.
Thanks for you responses in advance


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