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I'm going to be ahead of the curve this time and post this early to grab some eyes.

This thread is devoted to interest and meets of the Toronto Motorsports Park for Test & Tune drag racing.

There has been a lot of trash talking going on in the facebook group since some people ditched their Cruzen for cooler (and faster) cars. Anyway, if you ever wanted to race a Cruze and live in the Great Lakes region here is your chance! I may post this on the Sonic forum to grab a couple of them too.

1040 Kohler Road (enter RR #8 for GPSers)
Cayuga, Ontario N0A 1E0


***Warning, this place is kind of in the middle of nowhere.***
It is close-ish to both the Greater Toronto Area and the Buffalo-Niagara Metro Area.

Approximate travel times:

Greater Toronto Area: 1 - 2 hours
Hamilton, Ontario: 30 minutes
Buffalo, New York: 1 hour
Niagara Falls, Ontario: 1 hour
Rochester, New York: 2.5 hours
Metro Detroit: 3.5 hours
Metro Cleveland: 4 hours
Metro Pittsburgh: 4 hours

**US Travel times do NOT include border crossing traffic

Nearby attractions:
Niagara Falls tourist district is roughly an hour drive. The Lake Erie - Port Colbourne / Sherkston, Canada beaches are roughly 45 minutes away. This is for people who would make this a day trip.

Test and Tune is held every Friday but is also on holidays such as Labor Day and on Saturdays / Sundays around their official drag days. We are currently throwing dates around on the facebook group. Saturday would be best for turnout.


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How close to Kanata by diesel?
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