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Torque App, Oil Temperature, 1.4L Reading something but what sensor?

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After owning the Cruze for close to 4 years, I'm just getting around to installing and playing with the Torque Pro App. Last night I noticed the enhanced GM PID list supported and read something labeled oil temperature on the 1.4L.

Anyone else seen this? More importantly can anyone confirm or deny that the 1.4L has a temperature sender in the oil? I can't seem to find it.

Very interesting if it does. In a way I want to believe maybe GM is watching the oil temperature given the importance in this turbo car, but can anyone find the oil temperature sender? Maybe it's part of the pressure sensor.

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It appears that it is part of the oil pressure/temperature sender that is screwed into the oil filter housing.

GM part number 93190643

ENGINE ASM-1.4L L4 PART 4 OIL PUMP,PAN & RELATED PARTS. Fits: 2011 Chevrolet Cruze LT 4 DOOR NOTCHBACK | Nalley Buick GMC Brunswick

Many " industrial analytical process instrumentation" that I deal with on a daily basis as part of my career have temperature compensation as part of the process sensor. While it's not a direct thermocouple it's still a resistance based measurement.

Maybe it's actually part of that sensor, or maybe it is a indirect mathematical equation, we may never know.

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I verified this with GM powertrain headquarters. The engine has no temp sensor in any way. It is entirely simulated based on a variety of factors such as intake temp, engine RPM, water temp, load, etc.

I'm running an oil that typically runs cooler than others in addition to a bypass filter that is mounted in front of the radiator fan but to the right, which holds an entire quart of oil, and no change was noted in the oil temp sensor under constant conditions. I'm sure by oil is running cooler but the car's simulation is based on a set of hard-coded algorithms.

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You have to edit the parameters. They're wrong. Once the appropriate pid information is filled in. It will read.

I'm getting a temperature. And a pressure. But the pressure don't work like an actual needle gauge would. Maybe it's the way the new electronics work. I don't know. And have no idea if the temp is correct.

I get a higher reading when engine is cold. But it don't fluctuate much and quickly drops to operating reading which still don't fluctuate much.
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