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Touchscreen just goes black?

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Hello everyone.

My girlfriend and I bought a CTD back in July. Had 21,000 miles. We are up to 26,500 and have hand no issues. Until this morning. We were in the parkinglot of the local grocery store and with the time change we managed to get there an hour before they opened. So as we are talking about how to fill the next hour before the doors opens we are slowly idling through the parking lot and the radio and touch screen just cuts off. Completely black no sound no anything. We look at each other confused and about 3 -5 seconds later it comes back on. This happened again another 3 times before we get the Hardee's for breakfast. After the first 2 times it happened I pulled over and cut the car off opened the doors and started the car again. That did not seem to help. The parking lot is smooth. Not even speed bumps where this happened. The last time it happened as we turned into Hardee's. I made a sharp left hand turn and as soon as it straightened out the display came back. Issue doesn't seem consistent. FYI. It was a cool morning. About 38*F. First time I had frost on the ground this season. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Any related issues or ideas?
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has the negative battery cable been replaced? it was a recall.
I believe so. I would have to verify. I remember seeing something done about the battery at about 10,000 miles on the carfax
my screen went blank and none of the dash controls worked, but the steering wheel controls the same time my rear sonar and side sonar went out, was all connected somehow fixed under warranty 2yrs ago.

was fine until a month ago just after starting, screen went black and sound went off but came back within a minute....voltage was on the low side at starting, dunno if related.
The negative battery cable is a likely culprit, along with the battery failing in itself. You could also try bringing it to the dealer to have them update the radio software.
There was actually a recall for these radios for this issue. Don't know if it's still in effect, but I had the same issues with mine. I took it in to the dealer and they replaced the entire radio unit.

I thought there was a recall. I can't seem to find any information on it on here but I could have swore that there was one. Either way, I took the car in and told them what it was doing. They did the battery cable recall and reflashed the radio. It kept having the same problems so I took it back again. They replaced the entire radio and the problem has been gone since then. They didn't really fight me at all about it but I believe that I have a good dealership here.
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Thank you for the info guys. We have been driving it around all morning. No repeat issues. I will go back and verify the negative battery cable has been replaced. I think that is a good place to start. Thanks again!
I don't think there's been a "recall" for any of the things mentioned. There's extended warranty coverage for the battery cable, and updated software for the radio. But no recall.
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