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I recently installed a new sound system in a 2011 Cruze I purchased two weeks ago. The system sounds great, but there is a buzz coming from the speakers I installed. This buzz is only present when the low beams are on or the brake is pressed. I has read on this forum about others having this issue. Is there a known solution/cause???
The second issue is that suddenly my wireless key fob stopped working, my TPMS stopped working and is giving a warning to service that system, and my reading/dome lights stopped working. All at the same time. I thought they may be tied to a single fuse, but I checked and couldn't find a blown fuse. Anyone know what fuse this runs through? I know the TPMS and keyless entry wireless module are one and the same. Maybe that has gone bad? Seems strange that the reading/dome lights went out at the exact same time.

Side note, I installed Seas prestige in my sails and RS180's in my front doors, Fi 15 q sub bass reflex tuned to 30hz in trunk. Sounds great, sound deadened front doors and the midbass is pretty good. Waiting on miniDSP at the moment. Peerless SLS 6.5 in the back doors in the future, band passed like 60hz to 150hz or so. Kicker KX400.4 x2 plus KX1200.1 for sub. Only other issue I have come across is the aa-GM44. The 2 volt line level output plus a twenty foot RCA run doesn't push enough signal to the amps in my trunk to get the speakers to full volume before the GM44 outputs get overloaded and distort. I hope the minidsp with solve this. Thoughts?
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