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TPMS sensor matching

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When using the TPMS sensor matching process can letting air out of the tire at the proper time instead of using the relearn tool work. This method is used by my Malibu but the Cruze manual only says to use the relearn tool.
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I was unaware of the add/subtract pressure method, until I found a demonstration on Youtube.
I rotated my tires this weekend, tried the method, and it worked fine. I don't know what all the fuss is about. The whole deal from start tro finish, including the rotation, took about an hour.
With the price of gas, and the hastle of going to the dealer or a tire shop, the hour spent was well worth it. I hate anyone working on my car, as they usually screw something up, and cause more problems than they solve. I have had lug nuts cross threaded or over tightened, valve caps left off, and tires inflated wrong. Doing this myself, lets me know it's right.
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