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TPMS sensor matching

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When using the TPMS sensor matching process can letting air out of the tire at the proper time instead of using the relearn tool work. This method is used by my Malibu but the Cruze manual only says to use the relearn tool.
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why is everyone so worried about resetting it in the first place. is everyone checking their tire pressure using the dic before they drive?? if you dont relearn the tires and there is a problem with a tire, wouldnt it just show the wrong tire. wounldnt you get out of your car and look at all the tires and see whats up?? wouldnt you notice the car driving different with a low or flat tire. i put "summer" after market rimms on my 07 tahoe and i saved the 400 bucks they wanted to charge me to add tpms. i can live with the little tire light on for 7 months.
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