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We quit etching copper off an epoxy PCB, produces copper polluted water that is difficult to get rid of. Used a ceramic board instead and printed on the lands, baked them to a hard surface. Next step was printing on resistive ink, either fixed or temperature compensated for power resistors, too large to put inside of the chip. But the chip was loaded with thousands of low power resistors. To eliminate fixed capacitors, digital filtering was added to the chip.

Dipping this PCB in epoxy is a no-no, was dipped in silastic first and dried, a very pliable material that acted as a buffer. Epoxy has a much different coefficient of expansion than the board with components on it, and can actually rip the components off the board.

If this kid was responsible for designing these things, would use 40 year old technology to pulse a power pulse to the unit so no battery would be required. But the battery method and the law to have these things is ripping you guys off with way overpriced replacements.

Our products were made in the USA, with plenty of automation equipment, we were copied by the Chinese, did have US Patents, but no help with our corrupt government for protection. Since 1972 when the Japanese came into our market, they could get all kinds of US patents, but we could never get a Japanese patent. While they were copying us, not a thing we could do about. While we had to put up with the new EPA, ERA, OSHA, paid health insurance, vacations, our government was giving the Japanese 10% of everything they imported from them. But they wanted their own goodies, so it was in 1988 we could finally compete with them, Reagan was our guy back then.

But this didn't last very long, Bill brought in the Chinese, and while we were charging tariffs from our allies, China was tariff free. We invented solid state, Fermi made the first transistor in 1947 here in the USA, NASA developed the rotating head for video recording.

Worse executives was Nixon, Clinton, and Obama for giving our country away, never had a course in political electronics. Trump was the first guy that said anything about bringing our country home.

You are looking at less than a buck to manufacture that TPMS pressure sensor, this is how bad you and I are getting screwed. Pressure sensor IC were actually invented by National Semiconductor back in the early 70's. To be very basic, applying pressure to a silicone chip, squeezes the electrons together to produce a proportional voltage that has to be amplified.

Youtube guy is right, still need a pressure gauge to fill your tires, not easy to look at your dash while putting air in your tire at the same time. And if you don't know you have a low tire when driving, should have never been issued a driver's license.
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