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traction cntr off w/ donut spare?

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Hi I was wondering if Im right in thinking if we need to use the donut compact spare we should turn traction control button to off? I assume dummy lights tire sensors etc will be on too?
And ive read we must only run it on back tires since fwd and disc brakes etc? What a hassle but will do, if ness.
thanks for input.
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I believe that it is a spare it a temp fix & wouldn't worry much about it. just get the tire fixed asap
I presume you have an LS. As Boston Boy said it is a temporary fix to get the normal tire fixed and & wouldn't worry much about the lights if they come on at all. Or are you experiencing them now with the donut? Using the donut on the front is only for purposes of handling or if you are like me and have 17 in wheels and the donut is a 16. The spare is temporary at most 50 miles!!!!!!!!!
Anytime you put a tire on with a different OD (outer diameter) Stabilitrak will disengage automatically. This is because that one wheel spins at a different speed and the inputs needed for this system to accurately determine driver intent vs. direction the car is trying to go. If you put the different size tire on the front Traction Control will also turn off for the same reason.

So no, you don't need to turn these systems off - the car will do it for you. And yes, despite the donut saying 50 MPH for 50 Miles max it will go a lot faster and further than that. I put my donut on the front and once I got used to the odd driving dynamic I drove at 65 MPH and about 90 miles before I could get my flat repaired. However I didn't go above 45 until I had the feel for the car. I suspect the 50/50 warning is the result of lawyers wanting to limit GM and Maxxis' (tire maker) liability for someone who isn't paying attention to their car.
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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulates CAFE standards and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) measures vehicle fuel efficiency. Congress specifies that CAFE standards must be set at the "maximum feasible level".

Is kind of a war between the NHTSA they want better fuel economy, can't even raise the AF ratio a tad, EPA primary concern is emissions. DOT primary responsibility is safety, not much difference between our may law enforcement agencies fighting over who has jurisdiction. One key reason why we had a 9/11.

Electronic stability control (ESC) is under the responsibility of the NHTSA and is a federal law, but broken by the compact spare to get a bit better, maybe, 0.0000001% better that kills ESC so have a NHTSA that is contradicting itself, and why is the DOT being so quiet on the issue?

Compact spare runs about 9% faster meaning a 9% greater pulse rate. To compensate, ABS, also law, has increased slippage up t 20%.

Ever get the idea we have a bunch of aholes running this country? Extremely hazardous to use on ice and snow. An a TMPS law that does not require all gas stations to provide free air, but sure can buy liquor and a case of beer there. Somebody is really smoking crack.

Been witness to various government agencies going to war in front of me, just told them we have a shed in back, go there and fight it out and agree on something, then let me know what you want.

No government agency is liable for anything, the manufacturers are, but they don't have a say.
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okay thanks for info do appreciate it :)
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