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Anytime you put a tire on with a different OD (outer diameter) Stabilitrak will disengage automatically. This is because that one wheel spins at a different speed and the inputs needed for this system to accurately determine driver intent vs. direction the car is trying to go. If you put the different size tire on the front Traction Control will also turn off for the same reason.

So no, you don't need to turn these systems off - the car will do it for you. And yes, despite the donut saying 50 MPH for 50 Miles max it will go a lot faster and further than that. I put my donut on the front and once I got used to the odd driving dynamic I drove at 65 MPH and about 90 miles before I could get my flat repaired. However I didn't go above 45 until I had the feel for the car. I suspect the 50/50 warning is the result of lawyers wanting to limit GM and Maxxis' (tire maker) liability for someone who isn't paying attention to their car.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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