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I am new to the forum so please bear with me. I own a 2012 chevy cruze. Three days ago I was driving my car on an 8 lane road normally busy but not today and my service engine light came on, followed by stability traction control comment. Then just a few seconds later the reduced engine speed comment came up and my car dropped to 10 miles per hour. I was by myself and was scared (dark outside and I am a female). I coasted into a parking lot and called my dealer after turning the car off. My dealer told me to leave the car off a few minutes so I did. I then turned the car back on and the service engine soon light disappeared the comments were gone. The dealer stated watch it and see how it does not sure what issue is, maybe nothing. I told him I wanted to bring the car in to be checked and he scheduled me for a few days out. I made it home with no issues. The next morning I drove to work with no issues. On the way home, 3 pm busy six lane road same thing happened as I was right at an intersection. I put on hazards started blowing my horn. I was almost rear ended. I coasted around the corner to a driveway. I turned the car off. Had numerous people come to help me. I called dealer. Again told to keep car off to reset everything. He said I will see you in couple days. I said "no" I am dropping the car off tonight to be looked at first thing in the morning and he agreed. Long story short it was the "throttle body". As well as outlet housing was leaking which was just replaced 15 months ago. $1053.99 total repairs.

My issue is numerous people have complained about issues with speed dropping to 10 mph and have almost been involved in accidents and it has been their throttle body. Why don't they recall our cruze's for the throttle body?

I filed a vehicle safety complaint online at safercar and those with the same issue should too.

Thank you!
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