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Traction Control / Hydroboost / Stabilitrak

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Hello everyone. Newbie here and in need of some guidance. I have a 2011 Cruze LT, about 170k, and recently had to replace the front right wheel bearing (at dealership).. in which the next day after having it fixed my DIC flashed the Traction Control and Strabilitrak needed to be serviced (along with some 'sputtering-like action'), as well as the little car w/ the hydroplaning icon turned on. I had it sent over to a mechanic who now tells me I need to get the hydroboost replaced (at a nice $1200 cost).:eek7:

Now my question is, how is all of this related to my hydroboost? My brakes are good, my tires are good, everything was running smoothly until the bearing was replaced. In my opinion, I believe there is still life in my 'Red'.

I have searched to my best ability, but I keep getting dead ends. Any advise is greatly appreciated.
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Get another mechanic. The Cruze doesn't have a hydroboost system. We've had a couple of members try to do this all they did was drown their cars.

I'd start with the Negative battery cable, but at 170,000 miles you'll be out of warranty on it. It's a simple and quick repair so it shouldn't cost too much for labor.

Also, post a picture of your odometer and I'll get you a high mileage badge.
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