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Trans Issues 1.4 2014

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I am starting to think my transmission is faulty in one way or another. Since I bought the car(5mi 12/21/13) it has always seemed to have a slight lugging in between shifts, and then some really hard downshifts. The car will, say after switching from 2-3, rev 2nd and then engage 3rd and take off. This occurs in Drive and Manual, however way more persistant in manual. The hang can occur regardless of the amount of time off the gas. Occurs with the trans being shifted as if it were auto, or manual. Sometimes at the top of a gear, the command for an upshift altogether is not recognized. I could reach the higher end of the gear getting on a freeway ramp, and the car refuses to shift up. It takes a handful of taps (with delay as to not confused the computer) before it will recognize the shift, and at this point ive been passed by half of the people behind and beside me. On the note of a hard downshift, it mostly happens coming to a stop in manual. I will be coasting up to the light, mildly braking with my feet and engine braking, once at a slow enough speed I will downshift to first. At this point the car would be just rolling forward and if i hit the gas itll catch the gear OR I can let it roll a couple more feet and itll do just the same, however when this does happen its a lot like having 2000lb dropped on the hood of the car. After the car faceplants to the ground all will be fine. I've thought since I purchased the vehicle that the trans was just somewhat off, but could not recreate any symptoms and of course was told that nothing was wrong. One time the service adviser thought he could make me pay 150 to have the trans inspected, so I left and made a complaint. Just need some advice as I know that both of the 2 closest dealerships try to refuse these kinds of repairs, they didnt want to even replace my intake mani! 4 valve covers and a crank seal is what it took them to listen to me about what was up. Tired from a long day but help would be appreciated. Could my trans fluid be wasted? I tend to try not to do things to wear the fluid at an increased rate but I'm just trying to find an excuse to not get a new trans, regardless of if new is better.