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I stuffed some aluminum in the bottom of the front transmission mount on a 2013 Cruze 1.4T. The front transmission mount will lift up under forward acceleration, opposite the direction the wheels spin, this is why I stuffed something in the gap to prevent this movement upward.

So far I have noted significantly less wheel hop or none launching hard from a stop. Before this, it would get horrible wheel hop, very very bad.

Downside* is NVH (vibration) goes way up at idle and noticeable while accelerating in any gear but not harsh.

*it depends on your car, I have 42lb injectors with the idle rpm at 725 rpm. With the A/C on, the car shook like crazy. I have since then turned the idle to 810 rpm and 910 rpm with A/C on, this greatly improved NVH at idle with my particular car.

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