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Transmission behaviour

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Hello. I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze LTRS with automatic trans with 103000 kms on it and I have noticed a few things since new. When the trans is cold or cool, ie first start and driving no matter if it is summer or winter, the 2-3 shift seems to fumble into gear, it acts like it doesn't know what to do and sort of feels like it's bucking lightly. The second symptom this trans has is that the 4-3 downshift on decel is pretty harsh. Lastly, when at an extended stop light, the car seems to fall out of gear and it feels like the car was rear ended.

Any ideas on these symptoms?


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Not sure about the older models, but in my 2014 Diesel when I come to a stop light, the transmission falls into a neutral state to act as a fuel saver. This is how it's supposed to behave and is mentioned in the manual. That sort of seems like what you're experiencing in your last point. As for the others, there is a lot of talk around here about transmission fluid type and which to use for best performance. When is the last time it was changed? What was used? Did you check recently to make sure it isn't low?
The trans is designed to go into a partial nuetral when stopped.
A single 'bump' sensation is not uncommon........multiple 'bumps' indicates warped clutch plates and there is a bulletin for this.
It would be covered under the powertrain warranty.

The other two concerns you mention, imprecise cold shift, normal once warm and the occasional harsh downshift are both traits of this trans.

At your current mileage a drain/refill (not a flush) of the trans could make those concerns less pronounced.

As long as the 'bump' sensation occurs infrequently (the bump is the trans going back into gear btw) and not continually while stopped, you are OK.

Thank you. I Did a drain and refill procedure at 81000 kms. I drained the fluid, measured what came out and filled with a little bit less fluid because I drained it while cool. I then drove the car 50 kms and drained it once again and refilled. I then drove it to work about 30 kms and opened the level plug and about 100 ml or so came out. I figure the expansion when at operating temp is 8% or so.

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This 'bump' must be even more pronounced with auto start/stop feature ?
This 'bump' must be even more pronounced with auto start/stop feature ?
This function is not used on the current Cruze series, 2011/2016 Limited.

I have a 2014 Cruze and I noticed the transmission on some shifts need to be firmed up and some of the downshifts are really hard as well. As a matter of fact, my coworker went with a Fusion instead of Cruze because of how bad the Cruze shifts. He does vehicle calibration/dynamics, so he pays a lot attention to response of the vehicle, etc
One thing I did do was get the advantage tune and that improved the shifts, but in stop in go traffic the fuel efficient appears to drop with the tune enabled. So I ended enabling my cruise control, which switches the car back to stock tune in city driving, so I negate the improved shifting.
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