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Transmission Cooler Line Leaking

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Had my car on the lift to install my snow tires and noticed a small leak that appeared to be coming from the transaxle case.

Dropped it off at the Chevy dealer up the road, they called back with the diagnosis in the title.

Over $500 to repair, not covered under powertrain. :angry:

I declined for now since I don't even notice anything on the ground. I'm even more mad I have to pay the $65 for diagnosis now that it was not covered.

Anyone else had this issue with a diesel?

I'm at about 65k miles
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I'm kinda up in the air on mine too. I may just pop the level plug and top off next oil change and see how much I lost. It will be easy since I made a little access hole directly under the plug so I don't need to drop out that whole panel.
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