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Transmission Cooler Line Leaking

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Had my car on the lift to install my snow tires and noticed a small leak that appeared to be coming from the transaxle case.

Dropped it off at the Chevy dealer up the road, they called back with the diagnosis in the title.

Over $500 to repair, not covered under powertrain. :angry:

I declined for now since I don't even notice anything on the ground. I'm even more mad I have to pay the $65 for diagnosis now that it was not covered.

Anyone else had this issue with a diesel?

I'm at about 65k miles
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not to bring back an old post but I started my spring cleaning of my engine bay and noticed my transmission cooling lines looked wet like seeping or sweating. Nothing on the ground and the car runs and shifts fine.

So I guess I have the dreaded transmission cooling line leak where the rubber meets the metal tube interface. That looks like exactly where it is coming from because that is the dirtiest part.
They were always dirty every year and I thought it was just sweating along with road grime. I always just cleaned them and went with my business.

I have been reading on other GM forums like truck forums etc that is pretty common with GM vehicles.
Is there a permanent fix for this because I don't want to be giving money to a problem that is going to happen again.
From the forums it looks like it has been an issue with GM cars and trucks for while so I guess GM doesn't feel the same.
I was thinking of doing something like this and put this around where the rubber and metal tube meet.

LeakSeal® Self-Fusing Tape

If getting it fixed at the dealer isn't going to permanently fix the problem I would rather just buy that product and do my best to fix it that way.

Is there a TSB on this issue?

Here is how one guy fixed it on his truck.

One side note don't wipe them off when the car is hot cause the lines are pretty close to the turbo and well that turbo tends to get hot. Wonder if this was the cause of some the fires that cause the shield hack.

So looking at the parts here:

The price on the parts don't look to bad even if you replace both the inlet and outlet tube.
I see the connections on top of the transmission for the inlet and outlet tubes but not sure about the connections at the bypass valve. Are those connections hard to undo and what is involved?
Doesn't really seem like it should cost too much to have both the inlet and outlet tubes replaced.

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Well took my car to the dealer and they verified the crimps were seeping on the rubber lines of the transmission cooling lines. I just decided to have them replace them and hope it doesn't come back.. 250 for both lines installed out the door.

What is weird is that I brought some of my amsoil transmission fluid with me so they could top it off because I had the fluid changed at the dealer where I bought the car at around 35,000 or 20,000 miles ago with Amsoil.

Well replacing the lines they did not use any of my fluid as they said it was overfilled and they did not need to add any. I just found that out today since I called them back after looking at my fluid in the trunk. Could this possibly make it shift smoother and cleaner. I shift my man-umatic manually most of the time because I do a lot of city driving. I notice now after I turn the car off like to get gas or something and then start to go the 3 to 4 shift manually always had a little bump or thud to it but now that is gone (never thought too much about it just thought that is was normal or a characteristic). Could too much fluid cause that? I also wonder if overfilling could cause the crimps to seep on the cooling lines?

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Yeah too bad we can't trust the own manufacturer's dealers to properly service a car. I have seen a few videos on how to check and fill it I figured they had some secret dealer manufacturer way of checking it without having to waste fluid.

I had the transmission fluid changed and flushed at around 35,000 miles at the dealer where I bought the car and they were glad to use my Amsoil transmission fluid I brought with me. I have never touched it so I guess they overfilled it if that is possible. It does seem to shift a little better and like I said when I stop the car for a little bit and restart and go while they car is warm the 3 to 4 clunk is gone when I am shifting manually. I chose a different dealer this time because they had a shuttle to my work and it is closer to my work.

I will probably get the fluid the changed around the 60,000 mile mark again since I have some more Amsoil transmission fluid I bought with a gift card I had from xmas. I am currently at 55,000 miles. I just have to get a few more quarts.

I may go somewhere different to have it done other than a GM dealer. I don't know.
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