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Well took my car to the dealer and they verified the crimps were seeping on the rubber lines of the transmission cooling lines. I just decided to have them replace them and hope it doesn't come back.. 250 for both lines installed out the door.

What is weird is that I brought some of my amsoil transmission fluid with me so they could top it off because I had the fluid changed at the dealer where I bought the car at around 35,000 or 20,000 miles ago with Amsoil.

Well replacing the lines they did not use any of my fluid as they said it was overfilled and they did not need to add any. I just found that out today since I called them back after looking at my fluid in the trunk. Could this possibly make it shift smoother and cleaner. I shift my man-umatic manually most of the time because I do a lot of city driving. I notice now after I turn the car off like to get gas or something and then start to go the 3 to 4 shift manually always had a little bump or thud to it but now that is gone (never thought too much about it just thought that is was normal or a characteristic). Could too much fluid cause that? I also wonder if overfilling could cause the crimps to seep on the cooling lines?
$250 is half of what my dealer wanted to charge me when mine were leaking. I would be concerned that your dealer did not check the fluid level properly if they said it was overfilled. I would check back with them and have them describe the process in how they determined this. 1/2 half quart minimum needs to be added after draining from the small plug is pulled to let out any excess fluid. They would of had to remove the small plug and release any fluid untill it stops draining (after it reaches full operating temp) then add 1/2 half a quart.
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