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Yeah too bad we can't trust the own manufacturer's dealers to properly service a car. I have seen a few videos on how to check and fill it I figured they had some secret dealer manufacturer way of checking it without having to waste fluid.

I had the transmission fluid changed and flushed at around 35,000 miles at the dealer where I bought the car and they were glad to use my Amsoil transmission fluid I brought with me. I have never touched it so I guess they overfilled it if that is possible. It does seem to shift a little better and like I said when I stop the car for a little bit and restart and go while they car is warm the 3 to 4 clunk is gone when I am shifting manually. I chose a different dealer this time because they had a shuttle to my work and it is closer to my work.

I will probably get the fluid the changed around the 60,000 mile mark again since I have some more Amsoil transmission fluid I bought with a gift card I had from xmas. I am currently at 55,000 miles. I just have to get a few more quarts.

I may go somewhere different to have it done other than a GM dealer. I don't know.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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