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My 2014 CTD (127,000 miles) was shifting very rough. This was especially noticeable when taking your foot off the gas and letting the car coast before a stop light etc.

I took it to Chuck & Meredy's in BigRapids and they did a drain and fill with Amsoil.

Total amount drained was about 1 gallon. (total capacity is just over 7 quarts they said.)

Cost was $77.

Car shifts way better now under power and all gear changes except from 2nd to 1st when coasting are nice and smooth. Second to First still has a little bit of a hitch but I'm not complaining.
Strong acceleration from stopped no longer has a 1 second or so delay before accelerating. (I assume this is a delay when shifting from neutral to 1st.)

I highly recommend getting your fluid changed if you are having jerky or harsh shifting issues.
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