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Transmission fluid drain/fill in winter

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My 2014 Cruze auto 1.4 is due for another transmission fluid drain and fill. It's at 101k now. I want to put Amsoil in it.

I'm here in Michigan, and it is just below freezing. I recently got an obd bluetooth device and Torque Pro, and have been messing around with it for the past couple weeks.
There were two transmission temperature options that it found that were green and "active" (if one didn't work, use the other). So I've been monitoring the temperatures of both it and it hasn't gotten above 145 degrees F since it's been below freezing no matter what I do/how fast I go/and changing gears in park. It also cools down in seconds. I drive 60 miles up and 60 miles down US 23 for work every day going 60-75mph.

My question is, how can I check to make sure there is the right amount of fluid in the transmission? (instead of measuring how much came out then put that exact amount back in, dealership changed it last and want to make sure it is correct due to this tranny being picky with fluid level)
Since the fluid needs to be 185-203 degrees F when you pull the fluid level check bolt how the heck can I change it in the cold if it doesn't get up that high? LOL!

I'm probably missing something very obvious but i'm stumped. Could Torque pro be wrong/inaccurate that much, or am I bound to have an indoor heated shop change it out?

If needed, I logged one of my 60 mile trips with about 15 sensors being recorded with intake temp/outside temp/coolant temp/trans temp/ exc.
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Same issue when I tried to warm up the fluid by driving on the highway for 15 miles when it's 55 degrees outside. Only got it up to 170 degrees and it was down to 156 when I finished adding fluid as it was coming out the level hole. Don't think the 15 degree difference from the specs is significant though.
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