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Transmission Issues

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I had the dealer out by me change my transmission fluid back in March. Ever since then I have had moments where if I try to accelerate while already moving typically speeding up around 35 to 40 MPH where it is as if the car goes into neutral. The RPMS fly up but there is zero acceleration. I have to take my foot of the gas let the RPMS settle back down and try again. I have one occurrence of it on video recording. I'll upload it to youtube and share when I get home tonight. Before the transmission fluid flush my Cruze didn't have this issue at all. It was perfect.

I already brought the car back once and they say they can't replicate the issue. What's worse even after showing the service representative the video the documentation I received said I was only complaining of the issue which insinuates that I had no proof. When I took it back in the second time today I talked to the service manager showed him the video. It is very aggravating that they appear to be doing nothing about the issue that they caused. I use this vehicle to travel to job sites out of state. I need it working.

It is so infuriating that I take my car to them for maintenance and they cripple it! I had to be provided a loaner for today. A L or LS 2016 Cruze. I don't know the exact trim but it has steel wheels, no sun roof, no navigation, no premium speakers. The drive train is nice, the styling I could maybe get used to in a hatchback but this is a crappy consolation for sorry we broke your transmission.
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hi...changed the oil in 2013 cruze lt. didnt have funnel so some oil got away from me. however now my tranny wont engage reverse and drive will but reluctantly.
help!) what did i do?
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My 2011 drives like ****… put 3000 into it…I wish I didn’t buy a Cruze…doesn’t shift quick enough jerks hard when slowing down at low speeds I hate it
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