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Well I am just glad & hoping my transmission isn't going bad. & have some relief that my car shifted smoothly when not on the gas going into 3rd, so I may get appointment setup & see if the mount(s) are going bad & if so go ahead & get them replaced under warranty.

So Robby, would you be more inclined on thinking this is a mount(s) issue where the 3rd gear shifted smoothly while not on the throttle at all. Because again as I was in 2nd gear & right before it hit the shift point RPM I let off completely on the throttle & watched the RPMs drop & that is literally only way I could tell it was in 3rd, plus after the initial shift I confirmed it was in 3rd by pushing it over to M+ to see - so that made me feel a little better in hopes it wasn't more major.
Have you made sure you changed your transmission fluid? Having bad fluid can make the transmission act really odd.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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