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I recently bought a 2012 Chevy Cruze LT. 95k on it. Bought on September 15. Mid Oct I began noticing issues with hard shifting. It was occasional at first and then started to get worse. It has been to two different Chevy dealerships. They say there is not an issue. No codes. I thought maybe it was just my driving so I have had 3 separate people drive it and say the say thing. The shifting in auto and paddle is hard. It jerks. The RPMs go up and down for no reason. You can see the jerk from outside the car, but the dealership can not "recreate" the issue. First car I have ever purchased and I am so very disappointed. I don't feel comfortable even going out of town. It is still under factory warranty and I have an extended warranty until 166k. I just made my first car payment. I should not have had this issue on a "new" car. I am ready to be upside down on my loan and turn the car in. How can they fix a problem that is a clear issue, but that's they can't "recreate"?
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Sounds like you found out why it got traded in.

Start by trying another Chevrolet dealer.....this dealer is 'code happy', meaning that they won't investigate a problem unless a code is stored, forgetting that under all the computerized BS there remains a engine and transmission.

At the next dealer, you must take the time to road test with the serviceman.......and be able to demonstrate what you are experiencing.
The trans in the Cruze has different shift patterns and intensity when compared to designs that preceeded it and because of so many owners interpeting that as a problem, mechanics tend to assume you are picking up on the differences and look no further.

So, I repeat, you will have to demonstrate the concern......this means going to the dealer a bit later in the 9:00 A.M. after the morning rush so they have the time to ride with you.

Good luck!
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You might have a bad transmission that just needs to be fixed or replaced. If you don't have a good chevy dealership you can go to any GM dealership to have it looked at. We have 4 Chevy cars at work that go to buick/gmc dealership for service because of some issue with the chevy dealership right across the street from them. They wouldn't fix or want to admit there was a issue. The buick/gmc dealership did the warranty repair and the problem went away.
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Browse the forums for Amsoil ATF. XtremeRevolution has a lot of info around here that might be able to help you.
Have you ever had the transmission fluid changed? My trans cooler lines have a small bit of seepage and it could be over those 95K miles you have lost enough your now driving with low fluid. Owners manual normal maintenance schedule say to change the fluid at least every 97.5K, which seems way to long to me, the severe maintenance schedule is listed to change it every 45,000.
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