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Transmitter not found

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starting last week I have been having issues unlocking my car with the button on the door handle I would have to use the fob and would have to press the unlock button multiple times. and when when shutting it off I would have to try twice and it would say no remote detected press brake to start, and Saturday I had to pop the handle cover off and use the hide a key to get in the car. and this morning it didn't even recognize the fob when it was in the cup holder or "Transmitter Pocket" as GM calls it. so once I got it to start I brought it in to work with me (I work at a dealer) and the tech diagnosed it as a bad RCDLR (Remote Control Door Lock Receiver) from a bulletin he found describing my issues to a tee. replaced it and now she is back to normal. so if you are having transmitter issues don't blow it off that's how mine started and it was almost to the point where i needed a tow to get it to the dealer. don't get stuck somewhere.
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thanks for this, I will need to get mine into service soon. It's happened 3 times so far, I changed the battery in the fob. Nothing has happened since the battery change
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