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Trevor_Geiger Cruze Build Log

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I bought my Summit White 1Lt 1.4T Cruze back in September of last year and since then I've put 5 different systems in it and I've only tinted the windows and bowties and of course rainguards. There will be a lot of pictures in this log as well and they will take some time, but in the meantime enjoy the pictures!
Mod list in numerical order:
20% Tint & 20% Brow
Red Dipped Wheels
Black Dipped Cruze & LT Emblem, Chrome Trunk Bar, Door Handle, Mirrors, & Grill Area
Upgraded headlights (high/low beam)

Future Mods:
Black Dipped Roof, Black Dip Crome On Fogs, & Door Chrome Trim
Upgrade All Interior & Exterior Lights
Red Underglow
More (can't think of them right now)
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Wow you done some retry cool mods

love the sound system that thing funking BUMPS !
Loving the headlights and tail lights think they really match the rest of the car
and the interior paint really matches the interior
the front end for me is the best thing you have done it looks real mean , you imagine it must have a stocking v8 under there with how aggressive it looks . Good job man you done well !

Only criticism I have is the wheel size them 16s kinda ruin it for me . You should defiantly be rolling on some oem 18s that would just put the cherry on top of the cake

again good job and keep us posted
1 - 1 of 195 Posts
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