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Trevor_Geiger Cruze Build Log

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I bought my Summit White 1Lt 1.4T Cruze back in September of last year and since then I've put 5 different systems in it and I've only tinted the windows and bowties and of course rainguards. There will be a lot of pictures in this log as well and they will take some time, but in the meantime enjoy the pictures!
Mod list in numerical order:
20% Tint & 20% Brow
Red Dipped Wheels
Black Dipped Cruze & LT Emblem, Chrome Trunk Bar, Door Handle, Mirrors, & Grill Area
Upgraded headlights (high/low beam)

Future Mods:
Black Dipped Roof, Black Dip Crome On Fogs, & Door Chrome Trim
Upgrade All Interior & Exterior Lights
Red Underglow
More (can't think of them right now)
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So my plans for the Cruze this year is nothing special unless something happens, but I plan on doing afew things to the audio side of the car, and maybe some other visual changes with the car, other than that nothing special really.

Will update come spring time.
Nice setup man. The front grill dipped looks mean. Would like to see the after pics of all that you have done such as the dipped chrome trunk lid, door handles, etc...

Keep up the good work man.
Amp looks clean. A lot of guys are putting the amps in the bottom of their trunk where the spare tire usually sits. I'm doing that right now but with dynamite. Putting in a 2000 dollar system into my cruze and hope it comes out good. Wondering if you could give me in detail on a pm how you did the front grill dipped in black. Looking to do the same to my red Chevy cruze in the future.
Thanks I plan on building a new box soon and sealing it off in the trunk firing it into the cabin, and vinyl wrap everything black. Sure will.
Just bought 3 yards of black vinyl today for $20 not a bad price I guess, now just waiting on a new box design, and some funds for an SMD DD-1. After that the system will be back and playing again lol woo woo.
Hey Trevor, how many coats of plasti dip did you out on the dash? I wanna do red but want the matte finish. Anyone think the matte clear will work well to have the matte result?

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I did 3 coats of red and 3 coats of gloss. The red dip didn't have much gloss to it so it is pretty much a flat color.

Just Cruzin'
Looks like I have another thing to add to my list of things to do when it warms up. I have carbon fiber vinyl on it now but I want some color!

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Quick question, did the heat from the air vents mess with the plasti dip?

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Quick question, did the heat from the air vents mess with the plasti dip?

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Sorry I just now saw your question, but since I have had the dip on the vents haven't done any harm to the dip, people dip their mufflers. It is capable of extreme heat.
Be careful of the tips they don't req it for that the muffler is norm OK but they say in their vids they don't rec tips just fyi

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Plan on doing some different stuff here soon with plasti dip and system "clean up" is coming also! :)
Where did you get your cruze talk decal?

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A friend made it for me, if you want one pm me and I'll mail you one for free I bought two lol.
Did you just tape off around the lights or did you remove them completely do to the smoke?

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