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Trifecta cold start misfire diagnosis thread

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We have a thread about some cars running a Trifecta tune affected by a cold start misfire already. Post in this thread if your car is/was affected. We will be moderating this thread heavily, so any non-constructive comments and Trifecta bashing will not be tolerated. Bash without constructive input, and you take a vacation, perhaps permanent. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Let's figure out when/how this started, who's affected, and what the resolution was for those of you who had it fixed.

Information needed:

1. Build date of your car (found on information sticker on driver's door pillar)
2. When you got your tune
3. Any changes to your tune
4. Did you datalog the tune after installing it?
5. When the misfire happens, and any factors that make it go away
6. Have you contacted Trifecta yet?
7. Have you sent in a datalog of it misfiring yet?

Please copy/paste this list from here, so we keep the thread coherent, and can identify information faster.
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1. 6/12
2. Around 4/13 8000 miles
3. Added a k&n sri
4. Yes
5. Misfire stop after 10-15 seconds
6. BNR is doing their best to help me resolve this with trifecta
7. I sent a data log with a note about a rough start. I received no reply regarding the misfire, just an updated tune. Logged again after that--no adjustments needed.
1. 09/2011
2. when I was at 7500 miles
3. Full Exhaust
4. I data log once a month
5. Let it warm up for 10-20 secs
6. No not to worrid about the problem.
7. No
Do all these cars start right with the stock tune? Has that been established
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