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That's right, the original Trifecta log reader is back in action! As I mentioned before, I got at least 1 email a week since I stopped working on it asking if there was going to be an update and the answer was no. Once Trifecta obfuscated their code and encrypted their log files, I didn't have the desire to reverse engineer EzFlash again. Not only that I have moved away from the Cruze platform into one better suited to me. I always felt bad because it was clear that it was well liked, wanted and needed.

I was contacted by @johnnydicamillo a while back and he told me he was interested in helping me figure out the log reader. I had no interest, but I did want to help him. I provided whatever lame help I could as he dove in and took over the project like a boss! Today I'm happy to announce that the Cruze community has a new version of the log reader thanks to him. He put in a lot of time and hard work to figure things out for you guys, so please show appreciation to him.

You can download the updated version here: Datalog

- This is still the ugly, lame interface it had before. I have since built and released a Torque log reader which is much better looking and far more functional. I will look into updating the log reader's UI if enough interest is shown.
- This should work on all models and engines as long as the log is from EzFlash
- This should work on older logs, but I don't guarantee it
- This should work on future logs, but I don't guarantee it
- I recommend downloading and saving the latest version of EzFlash and SAVING it somewhere just in case future versions for EzFlash change and become incompatible.

Again, thanks to @johnnydicamillo for putting in the effort to bring the log reader back to the community, he did a great job.
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