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Trifecta tune group buy for 1.4T and 1.8 engines

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I've been reading a lot of posts about the trifecta tune and am definitely interested! Any chance of getting another group buy setup for the near furture? I get paid the 15 th :)
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Well folks ive attempted to contact jerry and this seems to have failed.... I'm thinking of cancelling this group buy request, If BNR cant get back to me about a simple question how am i to trust them with tuning my vehicle ? Please share your thoughts before I make a decision.....
Yeah seriously. Here's an Vtuner(can't think of his name) and see what kind of discount he could hook up for you guys!
Then you know about the customer service or lack of at times. vtuner has a lot of reviews more or just as many as trifecta just have to look outside of the cruzes and sonics. Brain is really good at what he does. Check with the Saab guys and some others for more reviews on his work. Some times it's not best to follow IMO. But I'm sure BNR was away for LS fest this past week and will catch up with everyone
Exactly. If you have to send how many emails JUST to get one answer about a possible group by, how do you think they are going to handle your tune and money? I don't understand peoples way of thinking. You shouldn't have to badger a vendor for a question about their product. Don't be a sheep.

It's simply poor customer service, I never pay for poor customer service.....that's exactly why you pay, to be serviced.

I've emailed Vtuner before when I didn't even have a sonic or cruze and specified that in the a reply within less than 1 hour, then replied to my next email in minutes.
I'll just end up buying trifecta full pop if this falls through.

Just like trying to get solid information on trifecta, finding the same solid info on vtuner is hard.

At least I have most all of my questions answered re trifecta by reading everyone's review's.

Suggested reading regarding vtuner? I'm open to look at it.
Or just send Vtuner an email, he will probably actually reply within a reasonable amount of time lol. Don't intend on that to be sounding rude :p
They were not just asking for an answer. They were asking for an answer, then using the lack of that answer to speculate and act on that speculation to insinuate that the company provides terrible customer support and that similar non-responsiveness can be expected should you decide to purchase a product from them. The statement was and still is illogical. It would have been perfectly fine to say "we didn't get a response, so I guess it's not happening," but instead, the reaction was "we didn't get a response, so if we did buy a tune and had a problem, we'd be up **** creek without a ladder." The former demonstrates, at best, a lack of interest. The latter places the vendor in a position where they are required to defend themselves against an accusation for which no evidence exists. Some psychologists would call it a bullying tactic.

Don't insult me by insinuating that I am of such questionable integrity and character that I would kick/ban you for making a statement that disagrees with mine. I have never done so, nor will I ever do so. With regard to your following statement, the simple answer is that it is not my job (nor do I have the time) to always act as a mediator between our vendors and our members. I occasionally do so as a favor and gesture of good faith, but I don't always have the time.

I treat our members with the respect they've earned. I am polite and courteous unless you give me a clear reason not to be.

There is a lot to be said about integrity, especially when dealing with small businesses and vendors. It isn't just about the money.
Sure it can, however there's always exceptions. More than not, I believe it's never a good idea to do so. Leads to problems.
A deal is a deal. I wouldn't complain. Still getting it cheaper then you would have on your own.
Some people's kids LOL :sigh:
For anyone in the Lansing, MI area willing to drive to me, I already have an EZ flash cable. If you want to save some money on the cable, you can use mine for $25 per tune. PM me if interested.
Smart guy over here haha
Where is everybody seeing the count on the site? Ive looked and i dont see it.
Do you have Ad block? Possibly a plugin missing or your work is blocking what is running the counter.
Maybe its because im on my iphone
If the counter is using flash, then yes. More than likely it's because of the iphone.
jsut paid mine... that crappy canadian exchange rate :cussing:
Is the Canadian dollar(not sure what the technical name is) worth more than the American dollar? So technically it would of been less for you?
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