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Trifecta tune group buy for 1.4T and 1.8 engines

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I've been reading a lot of posts about the trifecta tune and am definitely interested! Any chance of getting another group buy setup for the near furture? I get paid the 15 th :)
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I'm in! :go:Missed the last one by just 2 days. :sad010: been waiting for another chance... hope this works *fingers crossed*
I'm in! :go:Missed the last one by just 2 days. :sad010: been waiting for another chance... hope this works *fingers crossed*
1. Mathew (handofgod)
2. Blue_RS
3. dashbash9787
1. Mathew (handofgod)
2. Blue_RS
3. dashbash9787 (2014/1.4/AT/Ported Intake, Bypass Valve/Michigan)
4. stanski1
5. SitDownPro (2012/1.4T/AT/West Texas)
6. illroyale (2014 RS/1.4T/AT/Colorado)
7. LT1VegaGT
8. nybble (2012/1.4/AT/Canada)
9. Robbyjarm (2012/1.4/AT/K&NRAI/Midwest)
10. Damitz ( 2013/ 1.4/ AT/ Upper Michigan)
Number 12 in line. Waiting (in)patiently for Saturday! :sad010:
I'm not too worried about future turn around time. I'll give them that it's a big order on top of the daily grind.

On the plus side, I've already got 4 people lined up to race! I mean... I've gotten 4 people to accelerate rapidly for testing purposes...
A completely stock AT 1.4T Cruze and a MT 1.4T Sonic with a Budget Tune from about 6 months ago. I've also got a 08 Pontiac G6 GXP and a 87 Suburban with a Built 5.7 both of which I expect to lose to.

But those first 2 guys... Ohhhh the fun to be had... *hopefully* I cannot express the amount of trash talk I've done the past two weeks...
I just finished installing it and here's what I've noticed in the 5 minutes I got to drive it before going back into work. 2014 AT.

1. "Manual" mode now auto-shifts just like Drive. (It didn't do that before, just hit redline and sat there until you did it) But now it doesn't redline when it shifts. Which leaves it at 4k at 4th gear when your drag racing (not fun).
2. 0-60 is somewhere in the 8 Second range. Much better than the 11.6 seconds I used to get.

Once I have more time I'll be able to figure out all the little nuances that it has.
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Im a little dissappointed. I really wanted the selectatune where i drive my car in the winter and we have some shity weather. I dont want the gas pedal to determine whether the tune is on or not.
To be honest I wanted mine backwards. Control ON for Performance and OFF for Eco. Mostly due to the fact that when I'm on the highway (most of my drive) I'd like to have it ready to go for overtaking people and when I am on the streets I'm never going to use Cruise Control going from red light to red light sooo...

I'm sure if enough people ask nicely they'll give us an option to change on Flashing maybe? It may not even be possible so Hopes and Dreams people... Hopes and Dreams.
Based off of that I guess I have 2 questions...

1) For a MT will this be the same scenerio (meaning no need to switch cruise control on and off

2) did the tune file sent contain both the factory and elite all in that one file?
Not sure about the MT but if I had to put money down I'd bet it's all the same. As for the tune file, one of the steps when your Flashing is "Custom (Trifecta) Powertrain Calibration" and the other is "Stock (Factory) Powertrain Calibration".

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