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Trifecta tune group buy for 1.4T and 1.8 engines

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I've been reading a lot of posts about the trifecta tune and am definitely interested! Any chance of getting another group buy setup for the near furture? I get paid the 15 th :)
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Does anyone know the specific break downs of what is different from the Premium to tune to the Elite tune, other than "it's better" lol.
Break down like when you see when go to update your iPhone to the new OS; showing the changes.
I have my sparks gap'ed at 0.035 will this new tune accommodate to that or does it still require me to go down to 0.028? Also looks like we're nice and close to hitting the mark. *Party hat on*
Would love to get it now that we hit 20! Sooner the better :)

thanks for the reply about the gap, Ill put them down to .028, theyre irdium
Im just curious when the tune will be shipped/emailed out to those who have the cable already.
soooo automatics still put it in 'M' for better performance or?....
Im a little dissappointed. I really wanted the selectatune where i drive my car in the winter and we have some shity weather. I dont want the gas pedal to determine whether the tune is on or not.

I am with you on this, I wouldnt of bought the tune if it were to be always engadged and determined by the car when to increase power, I want ECO MODE and SPORT MODE. In winter up here in Canada, I'll need to be in ECO mode, I don't want the the power in the snow...
My cable should be arriving tomorrow but I have yet to recieve the tune.. Hope this was worth my money.
No one can really comment yet, with the lack of select a tune, some of us (myself) are uneasy about this purchase. I cant have my car going into bat **** crazy mode when Im driving in a blizzard....
So I installed my tune last night, after gapping my sparks at .028 (with the correct tools).

I am having heavy shaking and spudering during idles at redlights. My CEL is on, and I never had time to scan it last night, so I am forced to drive around with this issue until my ticket/datalog is adjusted.

My car is peppier on acceleration. I am still upset there is no select a tune, as I dont want the power available all the time, especially in winter when I need to pass people - it'll be too much and it'll put me out of traction and dangerous on ice, when I purchased this tune I expected to be able to be in ECO tune and SPORT tune. Infact, my gas milage wont be as good prior to the tune because now my power kicks in when I dont even want it to, thus ruining my mileage.

Anyone having my issue?
I saw no difference from putting my shifter over to the left to just leaving it "D".... the select a tune is non existant, it's always there, it only shows up if you press on the gas a little faster/harder. Again, There is no select a tune. If so, my tune didnt get it... I put it over to M and I still have to shift normally.

Chevyforever is wrong.
I can post a video to prove that Im not. Redline at 5k in drive and doesnt hold on to revs. Shift at6k at WOT in maunal mode and holds your rpms. I hope you resolve your issues but theres really no need to be rude.
Edit: I do believe there is more power even in standard drive it feels noticably more torquey when you get on it. Best of luck
sorry wasnt trying to be rude, I just know that there is no Sport Mode when you push it over to the left, you still have to shift... and the performance is the same as in Drive. Least with my tune, and if I'm wrong my apologies again. There is no select a tune, you step on it and it wakes up. I really wish there was select a tune, kinda feeling dooped. I need select a tune in the winter....
So after I drove home, I noticed a rough idle, only after I drove the car rather hard for 30 miles. Also, I notice a whine coming out of the engine, it changes pitch with RPM's.

What worries me most is that my fans are running hard and it is very cool in Maryland today. I don't believe it reached above 55 degrees today.

Anyone else notice a sort of whining coming from their engine and or their fans running hard?
rough idle for me too, shakes and spudders, kinda scarey really.... hope they fix this. I am thinking they sent out the same tune to every one and are waiting for datalogs to give everyone specific tunes. I say this because my Forge BOV doesnt seem to be loud or any louder then my stock one, and that means it probably wasnt tuned to its potential .... this is assumption I could be wrong. I hope Im not though, because this is a rough start and I want a specific tune for my specific set up! Just waiting for them to get back to me.
My gas mileage is garbage now. My car idles terribly rough, almost undrivable. Sometimes the tune kicks in when I don't want it to. My engine light is on. My forge BOV doesnt seem to be used at its full potential? it's very inconsistent, sometimes loud, sometimes not. They responded to my data log asking me to scan the car for codes, I don't have access to a laptop until Wednesday and even then I don't know how long it'll be until they reply with a fix for me. I am very disappointed. I need Select a Tune for gas mileage and winter driving, not looking forward to these sudden surges of power on winter ice roads, it's a safety risk too. Fixing my rough idle and specifically tuning me for my BOV would make me a satisfied customer right now. BNR / TRIFECTA I still have my faith in your company not all is lost, but please for the love of your almighty please give us the Select a Tune we bought, not this surprise PAL. I cant wait till my car is dialed in properly... my poor car is taking a beating at every idle/redlight.
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I assume I'll have to go install my stock BOV again before I can drive back on the stock tune.
Well plugs were around .032 when I checked them. Put them down to .028 and no more stuttering.

As most have mentioned, first gear is almost annoyingly torquey. In fact, the throttle pedal in all gears is a bit too sensitive. If I just want to maintain my current speed on a flat road if I just touch the pedal barely I build boost and accelerate. Not exactly great for stop and go traffic. I guess it is the price I pay for tuning a daily driver.

Granted I haven't sent in my tune file yet. So things may improve if they make changes.

I did also notice the rough idle (even after I gapped my plugs). A bit annoying, and I might send them a data log of the idle to make sure there isn't something odd going on. I did install the forge atmospheric bypass valve at the same time (which sounds awesome). That shouldn't change the idle at all though unless it is leaking, but seems to hold boost great.
Welcome to the club! lol, *sigh* I instaleld atmos forge BOV and regapped .028 before installing my tune file too, I just scanned for codes with my GM mechanic (because Check Engine Light is on) and it shows 3 Unknown Errors. P015B, P013E, P015A. I messaged them on my data log ticket, hopefully I get a word or better a fix reply today. *fingers crossed* I wonder if I screwed up my BOV install and that's why this is happening? though as you said, car is holding boost just fine here also. BOV sounds good just thought it'd be a little louder.
I am losing my patience with all of this, with my CEL showing my primary O2 sensor is "bad" after tuning, having MAJOR loss of gas mileage and extremely rough idles.... I feel this tune is causing more harm then good to my car and my wallet. I am very very close to asking for my money back, never mind the fact it takes 2 days to get any sort of reply from BNR which is pain staking because even with their replies, NOTHING is getting accomplished, just more questions....

I added a atmos BOV before the tune, now I have the O2 sensors going off, could it be my BOV wasnt incorporated into the tune file? If they try and make this an issue as "maybe your car needs to see service" I'm going to lose it. It doesnt need service it needs a good tune, and it needs faster response times inorder to sort this out... none of which is happening and I am becoming extremely irritated, as I bought a FORGE BOV and CABLE for this tune, and the last thing I'd ever have to do is return these parts because Trifecta cant tune properly. Oh and this whole PAL algorithm is garbage.

I want PREMIUM tune w/ select a tune, and a tune that doesnt throw CELs and puts my car into safe mode where it burns almost double the gas... /endrant.
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It may have seemed like we were just sitting back like we didn't care, we do. The tune issues are gonna get worked out. WOT is here and in this thread I am about to post below. I understand you are frustrated you paid, patiently waited and now siting with a tune file that isn't to your linking. I ran the file myself and experienced a few of what you described in your posts but not to those extremes. Not saying I am right and you are wrong. Try your best to explain to them here what went wrong when you drove the car so that it can be fixed properly.

WOT-Tuning – TRIFECTA Product Service & Support

This makes me so much more comfortable with my purchase now, just on my commute to work this morning I thought to myself, if something or someone doesnt take action on giving me and fellow customers better support I am going to request my money back, however, Michael comes and takes on this large issue and I cant say enough about how excited I am to of received his PM this morning. Let's get to work, let's get this figured out. Thanks WOT/Michael!
quick update for this thread and the WOT thread, I still have had ZERO help from BNR or any type of customer support response for that matter, even after sending them answers to previously asked questions I have heard nothing from them, on here, or via email, or voicemail, however, with Michael from WOT stepping in and helping I finally have some updates on my "progress"... My CEL is gone, I flashed back to stock with my forge BOV still on (knowing its not meant for that) I drove a bit, got a CEL (code P1101), and oddly still had a rough idle even with stock tune, so I data logged that for WOT/Michael, afterwards I got back home and flashed back to Elite tune and to my surprise after driving around the CEL stayed off, and still is off after a 1/2 hr of driving. I still worry itll come back on, the rough idle is still there, regardless my stock tune or elite tune now...
What im curious of is where are they getting the stock tune from? I know when i owned hp tuners for my ss turbo, i had to pull a copy of the stock tune off and save it in a safe place for when i want to revert back. My fear is that the stock tune they are sending really isnt the stock tune at all, there for the real stock tune thats on the car will be gone forever.
This right here. I went back to stock tune and still had a rough idle... unless would that be from having forge BOV on stock tune? Either way I was wondering the same, is the an authentic stock tune or is the Trifecta memicing what they know of the stock tune.
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