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Trim Removal on Auto

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Hi i want to remove coin storage box behind shifter on Auto i think i have to remove silver trim first but cant remove it does it pop off should i try screw driver under lip any suggestions please looked on u tube easy on manual you can get fingers under lip of silver trim
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Avoid using a screwdriver, no matter how careful you are it'll damage your trim. Try using a plastic trim removal tool, they work a lot better. I normally start at the top of the trim and work my way down to the middle. You have 3 tiny screws that hold in your P R N D and 2 tiny screws that hold in your traction control button. Then you have 2 bolts that hold in your plastic tray for coins or whatever you want in it.
Is that what that little compartment is for under the climate control panel, for holding coins? Ha, thought it was just a dust collector.

May I ask why you want to remove it?

One thing for sure, so much easier to snap these plastic parts together rather then trying to unsnap them. And best to do this on a hot day, or those tabs will break off.

Got a set of plastic pry bars from Mac Tools, knew the guy that started this company back in the 70's. He was smarter than me, can sure ship manufacturing to China but not sales. Tips were a little blunt, sharpened them a bit on my grinder so you could squeeze them.

Looked at that wall loaded with tools that I purchase over the last 60 years, worthless on the Cruze.
Yep - plastic (nylon) interior trim removal kit. Can pick one up on Amazon for about $10-15. Silver trim around the shifter just pries off with one of those, until the clips unseat. Pretty easy.
I use a butter knife or very sharp blade; screwdriver is too thick and like Trevor said, will dmg the edges. Even a butter knife is on the cusp if you're not careful.
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I use my fingernails.
Okay, work computers don't make it easy to post
Yeah, guys are using the forks they eat with to pop off those push pin rivets.

Guess I like using the right tool for the job.

With a heat gun and my finger nail can pop off the screen off an iphone, also works great for TV remotes. But that same fingernail will bend backwards on the Cruze.

That kind of hurts. Okay, so I am a big baby.
i saw a gauge mounted in there looked good maybe do the same
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