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So I converter my Cruze to a TRUE flex fuel car today. I installed the 42lbs/hr Bosch "green giant" injector (stock are 24lbs/hr) along with an actual flex fuel sensor and tuned my ECM with EFILive, so I now have an actual flex fuel Cruze!! :D Can run what ever fuel or mix I want and the ECM will adjust for it.

This is the write up I used on EFILives forum showing how to do this.
Chev/Holden 1.4L Cruze E85 FlexFuel Conversion

Here is the sensor I installed in the fuel line so the ECM know how much ethanol is in the gas. You can see on my V2 where it's reading 7.8% ethanol right now and commanding an AFR of 14.24. Which is right since I run pump 93oct that contains up to 10%.

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Time to put some E85 in it and see what it does. I did this so I can run cheap 85/87 gas and mix in a little E85 (105oct) and get the performance of running 93 but with less cost. I think I can still get close to the same mileage with only about a 25-30% mix.
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I would like to see what the drop in MPG is with straight E85, as of today E85 is only 10 cents a gallon less than 87E10. It's 50cents a gallon less than the 91(no ethanol) has I usually run. 50cents X 15.6gallons = $7.80 saved per tank, however if MPG loss is as low as EPA indicates on other cars I'm not sure I would save any money.

I did drive a 2010 flexfuel Impala for a few weeks and even up to 50% tank of E85 saw no significant loss in MPG. Have read similar real world results with Flex fuel Tahoe/silverado's too.
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