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True Flex Fuel Cruze

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So I converter my Cruze to a TRUE flex fuel car today. I installed the 42lbs/hr Bosch "green giant" injector (stock are 24lbs/hr) along with an actual flex fuel sensor and tuned my ECM with EFILive, so I now have an actual flex fuel Cruze!! :D Can run what ever fuel or mix I want and the ECM will adjust for it.

This is the write up I used on EFILives forum showing how to do this.
Chev/Holden 1.4L Cruze E85 FlexFuel Conversion

Here is the sensor I installed in the fuel line so the ECM know how much ethanol is in the gas. You can see on my V2 where it's reading 7.8% ethanol right now and commanding an AFR of 14.24. Which is right since I run pump 93oct that contains up to 10%.

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Time to put some E85 in it and see what it does. I did this so I can run cheap 85/87 gas and mix in a little E85 (105oct) and get the performance of running 93 but with less cost. I think I can still get close to the same mileage with only about a 25-30% mix.
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You need to log a run at full throttle all the way to the shift at full RPM to see what your max duty cycle is. It goes up as RPM goes up. I need to get my Duty Cycle PID setup and see where mine is, but I'm back to strait gas this tank so will be pretty low.

As far as the 42lbs Bosch injectors Vs Stock one's, the DIY install thread on them claimed they got better mileage with them cuz of better spay pattern/atomization, but I didn't really notice that. But then again, I had only run a couple tanks of fuel though my stock Cruze before I started doing all the mods, lol. I'm an auto trans too, so my mileage is lower anyway. I wouldn't think they would really be cost afective if you didn't plan to run E85, but that just me. ;)
Do you have a list of PIDs # for the Cruze. The numbers will most likely be in hex format, for example, the module that on work on, TCCM, I can read engine speed the PID is 0x000C. I don't think any of the PID # numbers are common across platforms, or even modules.
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