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#PI0924A Intermittent Unwanted Trunk Opening While Vehicle is Parked......Document ID 3745343.
This is for the trunk opening on it's own, Was a 2 shot relay but February 2014 It became a press and hold for a bit to open on the 14's and beyond.

I got 2 shot after finding mine open and haven't found it open since. Actually made it a little more harder for me to open it on purpose but I lived with it. I believe it's a BCM update instead of 2 shot, someone able to confirm that?

#PI0492A: Intermittent Unwanted Trunk Opening or Trunk Inoperative, possible DTC B3618.....Document ID: 2760539.
Cars built before the 14 model year (I believe February 2014) got a new revised "Waterproof" exterior trunk button. Not sure why they weren't water proof before? My new button works so long as it doesn't get wet and freeze like today.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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