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Trunk lid replacement

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I have been sitting on this for a while but wanted to post this in case it can help anyone frustrated with this issue as I did, I do electrical work meaning I'm in and out of the trunk, and with a tool belt over my pocket getting to the fob to hit the button is annoying. so I needed the trunk lid switch to work, I ordered the trunk switch and license plat light wiring harness off eBay, aftermarket manufacturer from China however,, the part works just as well as the OEM (before it **** the bed that is) here is a brief synopses of how I went about he replacement.

First I had to pop the small button like clips keeping the fabric cover on the inside of my trunk lid up. The small button in top has a little allowance in the side for a small flat head to fit in there and pop that up, then the larger inner one pops up relatively easy.

Then I used a small ratchet socket wrench to remove two screws keeping the handle in place

Then the latch cover tans emergency pull chain come right off.

Then you see a thin wiring harness, you wanna undo that before to worry about anything else.

You'll see, deep inside parallel to the chrome bar housing the trunk switch and license plate lamps there are four bolts and nuts and two small yellow clips keeping his housing in place. I don't have a picture of bolts but the yellow clips look something like this:

The bolts are of course perfectly in line with these clips.

Once the housing is off you want to pull the water tight washer type fixture from the trunk lid.
once that is out and you've double checked the wiring harness is undone you can pull the chrome housing off the trunk lid.

You want to begin by turning the trunk lid switch out away from the bar, it will only come out in one direction

Then turn the lamps from the housings screwed in the chrome piece counter clock use till they stop and the pull the bulb out and remove the wires completely, pull button out and throw that POS away.

You begin by putting the bumps in the socket of the new wiring and replacing then in the housings, turning them clockwise.

Now for the button, place the button in sideways through the the spot, then turn it so it rests properly and clip it in, I chose to silicon the switch in to water tight it.

Now it's a good idea to test everything, plug wiring harness in and turn lights on to see if license plate lamps light up, now if cars unlocked try the button to hat the click it'll make, mine worked like a dream.

Now you shove wiring harness thought the hole the old one came out of and replace that rubber washer

Place chrome housing in and clip the yellow clips back into place, then bolt back in then you replace cloth inner trunk lid and handle and emergency clip and latch cover, it should look as if you were never there!

I hope this helped give someone confidence to take this task on, it took me maybe and hour to do ( not counting the 45 mins I allowed the RTV silicon to dry a bit) and with ease!

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Awesome write up. I just did this a month or so ago. Not too hard to do, and this write up would have helped me a lot, that's for sure.
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