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Trunk mounted Tailamps

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Can you convert the trunk mounted tail lights to also brake lights ,I noticed the bulbs have dual filament's but only two wires .
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Thought about it, this is how Chevy designed it and got it approved by the DOT this way, if I were to change it, would be accepting the liability, so said screw it. Would also put an extra 4.5 amp load on the BCM, not even sure if it could handle that extra load without burning something out.

Ha, always easier to say, screw it. A huge amount of testing proved the center brake light is the most effective, so a law was passed so all vehicles have to have that. If you are getting bored, clean the bugs off your condenser core, a hundred year old problem never solved. AC would be far more efficient and engine would run cooler.

Would need to add a double filament socket and make a whole new harness to standards, if you use the incorrect wire, shorts out, and kills all of your braking lights, and someone rear ends you. Will claim you were the cause of this accident and you won't have any insurance coverage.

Even if those extra wires are not the cause, would be inspected and determined by crooked attorneys was the cause. Any thing to get out of paying a claim.

Even if you hire a local attorney to defend you, won't stand a chance, insurance companies already tied up not the best, but the most powerful attorneys in the world, and the judge would be their buddy.

This is the way the world is now.

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I found three wire bulb sockets on e-bay , will be a nice project, I did a similar conversion years ago on a Chevy chevette , just wanted to be sure , with all the computers in cars now.
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