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Hello guys,

So...I know this is a very specific problem and due to logistics it may not help everyone but for the eastern european chevy cruze owners it might help.

As we know the early cruzes came with the non-weatherproof trunk release button and due to the elements we need to change that part or try to fix it, of course you could buy the whole assembly with the licence plate light fixtures and be done with it, but the dealers in my country quoted me ~130$ for that part (w/o changing, just the part) so I googled around and found a cheap replacement I'll link it, hope it isn't in violation with the rules, I'm not trying to make any advertisement
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Converted the 750 p. is 13$ for that ammount you get just the button and it is siliconed with the GM stamp on it.
In Romania you can get it from Acasa - Piese Originale GM for 14$+shipping
I saw on amazon another one for 25$ but it was an aftermarket not an oem GM product.

Hope this will help someone in saving afew bucks.

Here's some pics with the switch
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Good day to all !

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True with just about any automotive component, kid's 4WD vehicle developed front hub bearing problems, his dealer quoted him 950 bucks to replace them. Found OEM grade hub bearings on the internet for 80 bucks each, took less than two hours to replace them.

In years gone by, practically all automotive manufactures would make there own stuff, now outsource. Like with the heater core, over 167 vendors scattered all over China. Some good, some not so good.

Ha, making the statement today, buying a new vehicle is like buying a lottery ticket, are you feeling lucky? My trunk switch was water proof, no problems.
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