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Trying to decide on an

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Hey guys, I have a 2012 LTZ and am looking to get an aftermarket intake for it. The car gets good enough mileage as is, so my reasoning for getting one is for performance, and sound.
I've looked through every thread I could find and still cant decide. would Injen's CAI have a greater effect on performance than either K&N or ZZPs SRI? I know colder more dense air creates more power, but didn't know if it made a big difference in a car with a turbo.

So, which intake do you guys have/want and have you noticed any pros/cons? I will be getting tuned (Trifecta) after my intake and exhaust are figured out, so factor that in.

Also, I live in Florida. Would the Injen be too risky to run considering the amount of rain we get here? Hydro shields can't protect it all..
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The problem is the K&N is the only solution right now for someone that wants a high flow replacement panel air cleaner.
Not true. What about Green Filter USA? They have a high flow panel filter for the Cruze 1.4L
Green Filter USA - Official Site

They supposedly flow higher than even K&N.

Anyone ever try these?
An oiled filter with even higher flow characteristics than K&N? While I love having more options, that raises some concerns.
Speaking of concerns, how hard is it to clean out the fuel injectors, if/when that is needed? Can they be pulled and cleaned by a DIYer?

According to their site it traps particles as small as 5 microns.
Agreed. So what's a good option? I'm still running an AC Delco paper filter in the standard air box resonator deleted.

I'm not willing to spend $300 to chase down 6 whp and 10 lb-ft of torque. I'm also not willing to let more dirt into the engine. I'm also not willing to risk hydrolocking the engine with the Injen CAI.

I'm considering an Injen SRI because they have a nice looking dry flow filter but spending nearly $300 for only small gains doesn't seem worth it to me. Maybe build my own SRI and get an aftermarket pod filter from AEM or some such?
Thanks I had totally forgotten that it's torque limited. Guess I'll get an intake around the same time I'm ready to get a tune. In the meantime I'm happy leaving everything as it is.
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