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Trying to decide on an

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Hey guys, I have a 2012 LTZ and am looking to get an aftermarket intake for it. The car gets good enough mileage as is, so my reasoning for getting one is for performance, and sound.
I've looked through every thread I could find and still cant decide. would Injen's CAI have a greater effect on performance than either K&N or ZZPs SRI? I know colder more dense air creates more power, but didn't know if it made a big difference in a car with a turbo.

So, which intake do you guys have/want and have you noticed any pros/cons? I will be getting tuned (Trifecta) after my intake and exhaust are figured out, so factor that in.

Also, I live in Florida. Would the Injen be too risky to run considering the amount of rain we get here? Hydro shields can't protect it all..
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Just installed the Injen CAI to my the other day. Definitely more turbo noise, more power and better throttle response. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

It was kind of a pain to install with taking the bumper off (definitely get a second set of hands if you can) but I killed two birds with one stone and installed the factory fogs at the same time.

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Forgot to add: my intake temps (according to the scangauge) are only 5*F warmer now than ambient with the Injen CAI. Before they were around 10*F warmer IIRC.

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