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Trying to pass emissions but 2011 Cruze LT has two codes...

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2011 Chevy Cruze LT 1.4
approx 130k miles
2nd owner in GA (1st owner only had it a brief time in NJ)
codes p0496 and p0420

A little history, two years ago it threw a similar code p0496 which led to the solenoid by the engine being replaced (for close to $300 at Pepboys. Live and learn). Also, replaced the gas cap about this time. Car passed emissions but the code returned in a few months.

When emissions were again due a year later and the same code is presenting. Emission tech notices that the solenoid is not connected at one of the three points and makes the adjustment and the code is cleared. Passed the emissions but the code returned again.

Now, emissions due again. The codes are now p0496 and p0420. Indicating the same solenoid and, now, the catalytic converter. I have gotten two shop 'recommendations' to start with the catalytic replacement $$$$ I have done a little reading here and elsewhere that recommend starting with the solenoid and see if that resolves both issues. I have also read about another evap carbon something that's by the gas tank that no one at a repair shop has ever mentioned. Initially, the car had no outward signs that anything was wrong. Now upon refueling it hesitates to start or takes repeated attempts to start or stalls. And the gas mileage is definitely starting to suffer. Could the solenoid have been damaged when it wasn't properly hooked up and that's where to start? Also, the specific part numbers for any suggestions of where I really should begin.

Thanks in advance!
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